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Remote Working

Bridge IT Support have always embraced the 'Agile' work ethic and we have always encouraged our clients to do the same. Using a variety of software and technologies, we can help businesses embrace distance working, providing them with a secure and reliable remote working environment.

Why Work From Home?

At first, allowing staff to work from home may seem strange when you have a fully equipped office for your business. However the financial and commercial benefits of extending your IT infrastructure beyond the office are actually fairly obvious.

  1. Lower Your Overheads: Having more staff working remotely means the requirement for a smaller office space; lower gas/electricity costs and lower infrastrure costs.
  2. Better Home/Work Balance: Staff that have a better work/home life balance benefit from better mental health and as such; a more productive attitude to work.
  3. Increase Concentration: Working from home can massively improve concentration for staff that require that environment.
  4. Improve Morale & Retention: Staff that are happy in their work life are far less likely to move onto to another job. With higher morale, staff are also more likely to perform better in their roles.
  5. Disaster Prevention: Never has this been more evident than the time we are currently in. If you needed your staff to work from home; whether that's from an office fire or Coronavirus; would your business be ready?

We have helped many new and existing clients move/introduce a remote working environment. We can provide a company evaluation, expert advice, as well as technology deployment and ongoing 24/7 technical support.

Some clients have other reasons for needing the ability for remote working:

  • Temporary home workers
  • Staff that work from permanent home offices
  • SA satellite offices
  • Offices located overseas in different time zones
  • External sales professionals
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